Stockholm, I miss you : คิดถึงเธอ สต๊อกโฮล์ม...

September 04, 2015

Stockholm, Sweden

Well, it's been a while since I travelling back from Stockholm to my home, Bangkok
and I've found myself missing everything there, Stockholm is such a pretty city
though I don't even know it so well, I've been in some part and got to know some
and completely know nothing about some parts too, I felt so happy,
excited, loved, weird, lonely, warm, fun and everything I can felt.
I met a lot of wonderful people which I'll never gonna forget them
and some of them become my friends now, I fell in love with someone
and could say that I love Stockholm because of her, and also other things 
in the city, it's such a little sweet city for me (oh.. can I just call it 'little' since
my town- Bangkok is VERY HUGE compare to STHLM)
I miss everything I did there and also what I didn't do,
I would love to go back soon.. not sure when but yeah I will try
my best, I want to live there for a while, longer than I did (almost a month in July to the 
beginning of August) I love Sweden and the forests, lakes there!!!

My trip was very awesome and I'm working on a writing of my stories there,
in Sweden and other cities in Europe (Budapest, Milan, Turin, Villafalletto and Paris)
maybe I will put it here or somewhere else and also my drawing works

I check the time and weather in Stockholm everyday for no reasons
and wondering how would it be in such cold (not cold for Swedish I know)
weather like 9 or less than that, I would love to be there in the Winter, someday!

I want to see you so bad.. 
you know what I mean, darling 

God natt

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