Will circle your island, 'til I find your bay

17 พฤษภาคม 2559

Veronica Maggio - Vi mot världen / Best Song of the Week

and please don't mind my editing

// Best Song of the Week //
by mayajett!

So, it’s not my first time listening to Veronica Maggio’s song but it’s quite new for this hot single I have heard from RIX FM (a Swedish radio) that I always listen to while I’m at work, kinda bored of my playlists on my phone so yeah. It was a bit hard to try to remember some Swedish words form the song just to look on Google, wanted to know who was the artist. Then I realised it’s Veronica, yeah, very cool, and then I found her video on YouTube, here it goes

Veronica is quite awesome and I love this video with so many reasons, 
one is I love how she has her ‘fucking bored’ face while she’s singing though I don’t 
really know the translate of this song and have no idea why she has her bored face 
like that lol. But she’s cool in every way, the way she dances on the street in Stockholm,
the way people look and wonder what she does, and the way she sings, I love the lyrics
even if I don’t know the translation, it’s beautiful anyway.

I don’t know what to say anymore but I made a little drawing which inspired 
by the music video, look!

follow my drawing page :

7 พฤษภาคม 2559

LALEH - Bara få va mig själv / Best Song of the Week

// Best Song of the Week //
by mayajett!

So I've been a little busy with life but not so busy with discovering music 
and this one is what stucks in my head & heart all day and night since it's been out 

"Bara få va mig själv" (just be myself) is the name of the amazing latest song from Laleh - 
a well known and successful artist from Sweden that I have been heard of her name
like a few times when I was in Sweden, I listened to some of her songs 
and now I became her fan, gonna buy a ticket to her concert too!

Take a look at her video, it's pretty bad-ass and loving, powerful at the same time.
Even though I don't really understand the 'real' message she wants to say,
I believe it is something with the rights and about fighting or standing up for yourself,
correct me if I'm wrong, but I've asked one of my Swedish friends about this already 
(she hasn't replied yet) The song itself has an English subtitle but you know 
I just wanna know what all things mean, it's just amazing.

I think Laleh is kind of down-to-earth and has a beautiful soul inside, 
I don't really know her but from the songs I have been listening to 
I could say she is beautiful from inside to outside, 

and so I did her drawing a few days ago. I just bought a new drawing (mouse) pen
and it turned out to be like this - inspired from the video
it took me an hour to finished it

follow my drawing page :

AND this surprised me!!!

Ah, I'll just be myself
never stop and keep doing things I love

Love you Laleh!

28 เมษายน 2559

Don't Stop, don't you ever stop


So I haven't updated for quite a while and I don't really have a fine time to write a 'long'
story about my Europe trip I haven't finished here, lol but my life has been great lately.
One big wild thing I just want to announce that I am going to Sweden again, and I have
purchased a plane tickets already, kiddo! Will see you again. I'll tell you when.

Always get excited to know I'll be there again, I have a strong feelings for Sweden,
sounds a bit weird? why? but I just love it. Also Stockholm is the only city I remember
most things and routes from where to where, it just happens to me idk why.

And other than that I think I might be going to Tallinn, Estonia. My dream destination,
so bad I'll only have just a week so I can't manage to visit more countries, I wish someday
soon, yes next year. Always travel while you can and never stop doing what you love..

Ok, don't know what to write anymore,

P.s. if you want to travel with me, can you please try to contact me? It would be awesome,
it doesn't matter who you are, just try


24 เมษายน 2559

Flume - Say It feat. Tove Lo

Song of the day...
I have so many things to write
but have to pause for a bit
because I'm too lazyyyy...
but you can also look for me on my Instagram : @mayajett

30 มีนาคม 2559

THE BIG WILD : "Tove Styrke" Swedish Pop Star


>Entering a fangirl mode<

OK, I admit that I am a (kind of) big fan of her, but I’ll never tell her, if I saw her on the street in Stockholm I’d hit up on her, pretend not to be too excited like a crazy fangirl type, just, “Hey! do you know which way to go to the coffee shop?” (oh what a stupid question), or ask for some random tourist information, and then I’ll think about what to do next… LOL no, ok, let’s talk about her. 

I first heard Tove Styrke from my Swedish friend who sent me a link of a ‘Borderline’ music video. Then I was like, OMG the music is very catchy, fucking cool and everything is just.. so fine. I find myself later that I was so addicted to that song and playing it in repeat day by day until the day I tried to discover more songs of her- Boom! become a big fan already. Her music is very fun and soooooo good, I don’t know how to use words to describe how much I am into her style and music, it’s just, very very awesome and she is very talented. I could say that her songs are the songs that keeps me happy and alive. Like when you feel sad or depressed, listen to Tove Styrke, her music, her vibes makes you feel good. It’s playful, lively, cheerful and fun, just like her- I don’t really know her but she could be like her music, why not!

Yeah until then I went to Sweden last Summer, for a while and thought I was going to see one of her shows, in Ostersund. But unfortunately it was bad timing and I was in another city at that time, it will take a very long while to take a train there and costs too much just for one gig. Yes I could pay whatever for the music or an artists I love, but I guess it was a small show in the town I have never been, so I think maybe I’ll see her someday, somewhere in the world, maybe in Asia if that possible. But after all, I went straight to the CD shop when I arrived Stockholm on the first day, just for the KIDDO cd. I even asked for the poster but they said ‘NEJ’ (that’s fine)

I don’t want to be such a fangirl who writes about her favourite artists for such long so let’s say I’m here to tell you to listen to her latest song I’m very addicted to. It’s below

Tove looks like a playful kiddo in your school who obsessed with whatever she loves, surrounded by a random type of friends and even you can sometimes join her gang. Or sometimes you don’t wanna mess with her. I would love to meet her in the library while she’s searching for those weird monsters books. I wanna be friend with someone like her, it seems fun!

I love you ToveTove!

27 มีนาคม 2559

Hurt Me

"So if you're gonna hurt me
Why don't you hurt me a little bit more?
Just dig a little deeper
Push a little harder than before"

เมื่อคืนก่อนนอน อยู่ๆ ก็เพิ่งเข้าใจได้อย่างนึง
คือความทรงจำต่างๆ ของเรานั้น ระยะเวลาไม่ได้มีผลต่อความจำ
กี่เดือนนะ สามเหรอ หรือสี่เดือนหลังจากนั้น
ตอนนั้นนานจะตาย จะปีแล้ว ทำไมยังจำได้ดี 
ก็เพิ่งรู้ว่าจริงๆ แล้วมันไม่ได้เป็นที่ระยะเวลาเลย
เรียกง่ายๆ ถ้ารักก็คงจำได้นานกว่ามั้ง...

ชีวิตนี้ มันจะมีอยู่ไม่กี่คนที่เราจะตกหลุมรัก และรักนาน รักไม่ลืม
แม้เค้าจะไม่ได้รักเราก็ตาม จะร้ายใส่ยังไงก็ตาม
แต่ยังไง๊ยังไง เราก็ทำได้แค่รักมันอ่ะ 
และอีกเรื่องที่เพิ่งกระจ่าง ก็คือว่า
อย่าคิดว่าคนๆ นั้นจะเห็นดีด้วย
ยิ่งเยอะมันยิ่งกลัว พูดเลย มันจะยิ่งวิ่งหนีเราไป

ความรักที่ดีที่เรามีให้ บางทีคนนั้นอาจไม่เห็นค่า
เสียดายว่ะ ...แต่ทำไรไม่ได้

Things I have learned lately :

-In one life, there will be a few people you will fall in love so badly, 
and no matter how worst they are to you, how much they hurt you, 
you will just love them, nothing else you can do.
-According to the people you fell in love with, not all of them
who will appreciate your love. Some of them will hate the love you gave
no matter how good it is, they will never accept it and will runaway 
if you chase after them...

and another thing you and I should know :

-Give people a chance, if you don't accept their love,
please please please stay friends, give a chance, seriously, please
don't let someone go away from your life if they only wish to give you love
speak up, say something, keep them. 

Enough for hurting people,

if you have a good heart, use it