Will circle your island, 'til I find your bay

30 สิงหาคม 2559

Greetings, again!

H e l l o o oooo...

Heya, just wanted to be sure that I won't leave my blog alone
even if I'm focusing on a lot of projects including somewhere else, 
I also write on there are some of
my thoughts in [Thai] language. I just want to be sure to spread 
my works and let people read, see some of my thoughts. I am also 
working on another drawing and writing and crafting projects, 
a lot to do in a not so much time. Last week I wrote about 'life and death'
mostly focused on death, also got inspired by some amazing people
and some grieving memories. It turned out that people loved it very much,
that makes me want to write more and more, but right now I don't know 
how to do with this blog which supposed to be my main blog and website 
in the future. Still posting random music and thoughts. Once I figure things
out I will make it better, I don't know who's reading my blog now since 
I tried to make it an English version when all my friends are Thai. 
But I'll just do. Do what I want and is good.

I'm going to Sweden soon, very excited to visit 
my favorite place again, I hope things will wait for me too..
I will meet a lot of nice people, and especially one...
you'll hear about it all, here

keep in touch if you care lol
Photo from Some Die Young Music Video - Laleh

26 กรกฎาคม 2559

A Piece of Art : Paperwork/ Collage/ Drawing

I N   T H E . . .

Last week I was looking through pinterest and google searching for 
'how to do kimono origami' but the results wasn't what I wanted 
and I ended up somewhere between folding paper to a coat or something
but I'm glad I mixed and matched them with a lot of paper, 
colors and my drawing...

there are more details you can also look on my drawing page : 

K E E P   O N 
D O I N G    A R T S 

4 กรกฎาคม 2559

Stockholm Tunnelbana on Drawings

Stockholm Tunnelbana on Drawings 

Last month I did a drawings of a Stockholm's Tunnelbana
as I love a trains so much, especially the trains in Stockholm
because I've had a lot of pretty memories with them...
So I decided to draw 7 pictures of the selected stations,
you can see it on my drawing page -

or just 

I miss you Stockholm 

9 มิถุนายน 2559

Laleh Pourkarim - ‘Heaven Sent’

-- Artist   of   the   Day --

So I’ve been writing a lot about Sweden and everything related to Sweden lately, 
but can’t help writing about this wonderful person who has been sent straight from heaven, 
Laleh Pourkarim AKA Laleh, a Swedish singer/songwriter.

(Thai texts...)

เมื่อกี๊เพิ่งได้มีเวลาเต็มๆ ชั่วโมงกว่านั่งดูคอนเสิร์ตของ LALEH (ลาเลห์) นักร้องที่มีผลงาน
ท็อปอันดับต้นๆ ของสวีเดน หลังจากที่จองตั๋วไปสตอกโฮล์มแล้วและยังตัดสินใจไม่ได้ว่าจะจองตั๋ว

ไปดูลาเลห์ด้วยดีรึเปล่า เพราะติดนู่นนี่ คิดเยอะ แต่พอได้ลองดูคอนเสิร์ตเต็มๆ ของลาเลห์แล้วคือ.... ยอมใจมาก คือถ้าให้นับโมเมนท์ดีๆ น่ารักๆ เด่นๆ และครองใจคนดูได้ว่ามีกี่ช็อต นี่คือแบบนับไม่ถ้วน ทั้งอารมณ์ ทั้งการคุมคนดูให้อยู่ในความสุขและความสวยงามได้ถึงชั่วโมงเต็มๆ ทั้งรอยยิ้มและเนื้อเพลงที่มีความหมายเหมือนนางฟ้ามานั่งคุยด้วย โอ๊ยยยยย อีด้อล คนอะไรจะสวยงามได้ขนาดนี้

ตอนนี้เชื่อแล้วว่าทำไมคอนเสิร์ทที่อยู่ตั้งเดือนตุลาคม ที่นั่งกว่า 5,000 ที่นี่ถูกจองไปเกินครึ่งแล้ว 
ทีแรกนี่อึ้ง งง เพราะคอนไม่ได้มีแค่ที่เดียว มีหลายที่ หลายเมือง แต่อันที่เล็งคืออยู่ในช่วงเวลา
ที่เหมาะที่สุดของเราแล้ว เชี่ย คนอะไรจะ down to earth ได้ขนาดนี้วะ!?

นี่คือไม่ตั้งข้อสงสัยใดๆ กับตัวเองแล้ว คำตอบเดียวที่ให้ลาเลห์ได้คือมีแต่คำว่าโอเค ซื้อตั๋วแน่นอน

ส่วนคลิปนี้เป็นงานอีกที่นึง ที่ลาเลห์ร้องเพลงอีกเพลง
ที่ความหมายดีงามมาก โอยยยย คนหรือนางฟ้า

"I lied down on the ground, I thanked the sky, that we could rise on land, that we could be on the earth, now we can say "I was there" - now you can say that you were here”

The Moment on Earth…

One thing I find Laleh is amazing and so down to earth is that she can manage audiences to 
be as happy as she expect them to be, her sense of humour, caring, love, or any adorable
 moments, playful she has shared to them are such a wonderful things, it felt like a mother 
who’s holding her child in her arms… damn, my english is not that good to describe how big 
how beautiful she is. I have NO DOUBT why almost all seats from her up-and-coming tour 
in Sweden are reserved already, even if it’s on October, like, in 4 months from now. 
I shouldn’t have make more time to decide, after I watched this 1 hour-is video concert
I really thought to myself that I should absolutely buy a ticket to see her in October,
seriously! (I’ve been thinking and decide if I should go or not, since it’s not in
Stockholm, but doesn’t matter if it’s Laleh)

Also, Laleh has an interesting background and stories to share if you read about her on 
Wikipedia or somewhere, she has come so far and been through a lot of wonderful things 
no matter if it was good or bad, it made her this way today. Ok, I don’t really know her at all 
but from what I’ve seen, her music, lyrics, stories, her smiles, everything makes me believe 
that she’s just like an angel, sent from heaven, down to earth, well, I’m not being 
exaggerated but you gotta see her (look up on YouTube video)

Another one I saw from the comment on YouTube, from this amazing song

From user : ubbecykelkedja2
 years ago (edited)

My interpretation of this song: Laleh represents a dying mother, who will not live long
 enough to experience the next spring with her children. Swedish people absolutely love 
the spring and summer, because of the long, harsh and cold winters. Laleh almost 
never sings about things like love, it is the more about life and death, light and darkness, 
happiness and sorrow. She is truly unique in her own style, 
both in singing and in presentation.

Like E-Type said: "She doesn't sing what she doesn't mean." and she is wonderful 
in expressing exactly what she is feeling with her whole body and voice. 
Switching between expressionate joy and sad melancholy, young and livid to 
old and calm. She really puts her heart into her work, a true artist. And do I dare to 
say even I as a swede consider swedish to be an absolutely beautiful language 
in singing, we should never sing in english! Swedish is made for singing. The singer 
can sound like a beast that wants to tear you apart (like Raubtier) or like an angel 
without making it sound silly.

Her live performance at the Nobel Prize Concert was magnificent, 
her singing repertoire... I just say WOW!

Ok, I’m a little tired and can’t focus on writing anymore, forgive me but I’ll 
continue another part soon, now… I really need to have a ticket of my own even if 
I’ll have to go there alone, but in one life we gotta see Laleh once!

5 มิถุนายน 2559

LOVED - A Short & Confused Illustrations by MAYA JETT

Introducing my new piece of art, the one I spent one hour without a storyboard, with my imaginations, memories and finished in a short time. I don’t need to explain a lot about this because it can relate to some people in some ways as a love story, not really know if it was happy or sad, it’s just love. You know how it feels. 

I try to make more and more arts and stories, gathered from some memories, things, some people I loved and never loved. So let’s take a look at it, and remember that I’ll be posting more and more works, don’t worry, I’m just cool