Releasing my new picture book "Our Water Hours"

October 20, 2014

Hello folks,

well it's been a while again I haven't updated my lovely blog.. I guess I should continue
writing about my latest trip in Fukuoka, Japan, but too bad, I'm lazy and other reason is
I have just finished this lovely baby, a little picture book called "Our Water Hours"
you can guess this name is from the song I shared on my previous post, yes
"Our Water Hours" is one of my favorite songs from an album "Goes Abroader" [My Bubba]
I know how much I love this band, and somehow I got a lot of inspiration from what they do.
(You should know how amazing they are)

you can take a look at it now, don't read it here, try it on a new tab,
then view on the full screen mode.

I spent most of my spare times for a drawing, it took me almost 6 months to finish this book
because I started it on April, then I stopped it for a while, I thought I wasn't gonna finish it
then something told me to try again and finish what I started, so it's here now, impressed

and I'm so glad somehow it makes someone happy and that makes me want to draw
more and more, practicing is one of the best thing to improve your skills.
As once someone said to me to "never stop drawing"

I know, I'll never gonna stop it
and if you're reading this, remember that I love you just like the same.


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