Du följer med mig... : A diary of the past

November 10, 2016

Dear Diary,

It's been a while that I haven't written so much here. 
The truth is I was busy, I was somewhere else, and I have got another places to write on. 
I have other webblog and some articles on another sites that they're all in Thai. 
I've met a lot of people who doesn't know Thai and they are interested in my 
writing and stories, so I think maybe it's time to make this blog new again. 
But I will change a lot of it, some day soon.. you'll see

And other news is I just got back from my loving country, Sweden 
(can I even call it mine when I wasn't born there?) it was my second time
and another best times there. I went back to meet someone who I wanted to see
so so so bad, I went back after a year, we talked, we had a great time, another one
and I was so happy seeing her happy with her life. 

I also met so many new friends, they are Swedish, Canadian, Pakistani, 
Mexican, Danish, Colombian and etc etc... It's always great to meet new people
and get to know them, it's also sad I had only 10 days and it was a little too short
but I was glad I've done all things I wanted to.

I also went to see LALEH concert in Vasteras, one of the cities in Sweden.
I got to see her after that, we hugged, talked, she was so so so nice, her concert 
was pure magical, this woman is magic, unique and so so so down to earth,
I just love her, Laleh... 

I also met one Swedish girl but it was bad that we couldn't be friends after that
because of some reasons we knew but we couldn't explain. It's simple, nothing much
but I liked that she was so friendly, funny and very talkative.. but life goes on and
I've got too much friends anyway, so it's ok not to see her ever again, but also 
sad that I couldn't see her dog anymore. If you'll ever read this please know that 
I didn't believe in your funny texts when I asked for your dog's instagram, dammit,
I just wanna see him again, but yeah, there are another cute dogs in Sweden anyway
so well, hope he's doing fine. 

And also, I had a good times hanging out with a coolest friends, one of them I met 
in Bangkok when she was visiting her family in Thailand. She's half Thai/Swedish
I liked her a lot because she's just so cool and so nice to me, sad that I had to go 
back to Thailand and we couldn't hang out for a long time. Hope to see you again soon! 

I love Sweden, it's such a weird feelings. I don't really know much about them
but I know a lot in some ways. I decided to take a test and apply a scholarship 
and a university there for the masters. I don't know what's gonna be, but if not 
study, what else I can do there? I just wanna try living there for a bit, maybe a year
maybe a 2 years, maybe more..

Because I never felt like this before, I don't know why Sweden. And what I love
the most is Stockholm, so cool, so rush, so nice and so fierce. Maybe someday,
But I'll always come back every year...

Du följer med mig... 
I love you, life

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