Greetings, again!

August 30, 2016

H e l l o o oooo...

Heya, just wanted to be sure that I won't leave my blog alone
even if I'm focusing on a lot of projects including somewhere else, 
I also write on there are some of
my thoughts in [Thai] language. I just want to be sure to spread 
my works and let people read, see some of my thoughts. I am also 
working on another drawing and writing and crafting projects, 
a lot to do in a not so much time. Last week I wrote about 'life and death'
mostly focused on death, also got inspired by some amazing people
and some grieving memories. It turned out that people loved it very much,
that makes me want to write more and more, but right now I don't know 
how to do with this blog which supposed to be my main blog and website 
in the future. Still posting random music and thoughts. Once I figure things
out I will make it better, I don't know who's reading my blog now since 
I tried to make it an English version when all my friends are Thai. 
But I'll just do. Do what I want and is good.

I'm going to Sweden soon, very excited to visit 
my favorite place again, I hope things will wait for me too..
I will meet a lot of nice people, and especially one...
you'll hear about it all, here

keep in touch if you care lol
Photo from Some Die Young Music Video - Laleh

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