November 29, 2016

Photo credit to Laleh

Laleh's Kristaller Tour, Sweden 2016 
The Day When I Met LALEH 

As I have written a long story about seeing Laleh concert and meeting up 
with her after that in Thai version here, I decided to write it in English too, 
for some reasons...

On the 29th of October,
I was in Västerås, a small city in Sweden that I've never been before
but I booked a trains, place to stay and preparing to be here for 3 days,
just because of her concert, Laleh

I've been listening to her since Spring, it wasn't such a long time 
but I loved her since I listened to her song First day of Spring, 
Vårens Första Dag, it was also on the first day of spring 
that I was really really serious becoming her fan.. she's so amazing 

And then when I heard that she's having a new album coming out soon
and also gonna have a tour concert as well, I didn't hesitate to come to Sweden 
again, even it takes a lot of money and time to come, I'd go to see her 
at least once in my life time.. I know it's gonna worth it.
And yes, then it happened, I bought ticket- planes, trains, hotels, and 
a concert ticket, all ready and here I come, 

I choose Västerås instead of Stockholm because of the timing, 
the dates 29th of October was perfect for my time in Sweden 
and it doesn't matter how far the city is, I can take a train anywhere
just to see some amazing thing like her concert. 
And yes, Västerås was a great choice I made


It was a great day when the day came, I was very excited, 
I met some new friends who took me to amazing places around the city,
it looked boring at the first day I arrived but it got so much better when 
I made some friends :) But I couldn't eat anything at all because I was
very excited to see Laleh, I don't even know why. But I enjoyed the day so much

Then I went home around 3:30 pm to prepare some things, 
and it took me a while to finished it, then I got more excited around 5:30 pm
then I left home... the concert will start at 7:30, I arrived at the arena around 6
and I thought I was so early, so crazy and I just waited there, wait and wait 

7:00 the doors open, me and people moved into the arena and I saw
the shop where all Laleh's CDs were selling there, tshirts, vinyls, bags 
and other cool stuff, I went straight and told the girl "I want all CDs, please"
she was a bit surprised and said "sure but the pink one are sold out already"
"it's fine, I'll just have all left" The pink one is the latest one,
the Kristaller (Crystals) album, the one I wanted the most 
but it was ok because I could find it anywhere else, maybe in Stockholm later
so then I got all CDs, from the first to the latest they have
I felt great and then I bought 2 beers and get ready 
(sorry for my grammar, it's not very good here lol)

Laleh shop

ABB Arena in Västerås

Then I go to my seat, it was 8th row, I thought it wasn't so bad but it wasn't 
so good if you really love Laleh and wanted to see the best view of her concert.
Next time I swear I won't wait too long and will try to get at least the 3 or 4th row
or if it's best I'd go for the first row, yes I'm crazy but I think it will be better 

7:30 pm concert starts, it's so amazing to see all her orchestra band and everything
is so pink, just like the concept of her Kristaller album. The orchestra starts first
and then Laleh came out with her perfect voice and wonderful clothes,
"Aldrig Bli Som Förr" was the first song she started with 
and it was so so so cool, I felt like I almost cry when I first saw her!
it was Laleh! LALEH the one I was so crazy about and been 
listening to her songs a lot! WOW! it was just like a half dreams...

Aldrig Bli Som Förr

Laleh from the screen

Move On

I don't remember how long the concert was but I felt like it was 2 hours or so.
It was amazing and I was very very happy, overwhelming, I don't really know how 
can I explain here, everything was too good to write down here and 
no words can describe how wonderful it was. Laleh is very talented
person and so magical, she sings so well and all her songs are so 
meaningful and unique, the songs I felt so much for was "En Stund På Jorden"
it touches my heart so much even I don't really know Swedish 
or even I knew the translation, I know it would be more more 
beautiful if I could understand them in Swedish, not from the translations,
but I mean, they're wonderful, so so much.. Laleh 

But there were some things that bothered me so much that most people
who were sitting around me weren't singing, I didn't know if they don't
know the lyrics or they are not really into the concert, most of them 
are like mid-age people but I didn't know why didn't they sing and dance, 
I was alone so I didn't know how to act or didn't dare to stand up 
and dance alone, all people around me was like a statue, 
but I'm sure they liked the concert.. because it was so great 

But you know, even I'm from Thailand and I don't really speak Swedish,
I CAN SING ALL HER SONGS even in Swedish!!!
I really really enjoyed the concert, I was so so happy to be there, 
to sing all her songs that she was singing and dancing in front of me 
and other people. It was magical, dreamy and also very real..

The last song, the best one, 
"Bara Få Va Mig Själv"

Thank you for being yourself, Laleh!

After the concert, there were some people waiting for Laleh, they wanted 
her to sign the posters or some of them waited to take a picture with her
but unfortunately the staff told me and everybody that she will not come out again
but I felt like, hell no, I came across the oceans for 8,000 miles 
and I got something for her, I at least have to give it to her, 
or maybe ask someone to take it to her..
then someone told me to talk to Adam, the guitarist 
who were very very nice to me, I gave the book I made for her to him
and then he gave it to Gustaf, one important man in the band too.
Then Gustaf came to talk to me and I asked him if I could see Laleh

He said he's not sure, but will check for me 
and blinked, he got the book I gave,

then I waited...

One amazing book I did for Laleh 

Then I waited, 10 minutes, 20 and maybe 30, it wasn't too long but all people 
are gone and I felt like I didn't know what to do, a bit awkward
to stand there alone with no one by my side and other people 
around there were the staff who were working hard but they didn't 
pay attention to me, that was better. And then I thought maybe 
I should just give up and go home, it was all perfect that I made 
myself to see Laleh concert, it was enough and was the best so far..

But then some thoughts came, they said :
No, are you gonna go back to Thailand without seeing her? 

Hell, then what can I do?

Just wait!

Damn... I waited, yes, I did
and.. and finally, I saw Laleh walked out from the door, 
the ones I thought she was going to walk out any time, 
I called her "LALEH!" then she saw me, smiled and came 
she gave me a big hug, the first hug, first met, everything was so perfect
and I felt like it was like a dreams! too good to be true, 
Laleh was standing next to me, in front of me, 
and was talking to me... 


Can I take a picture with you?

she took of her hat and said we look the same, 
I asked Gustaf, the amazing man to take a photo for me,
he took a lot and they're all perfect!

Laleh was so so so nice to me, I knew that, 
she asked "Did you like the concert?"
YES I liked it, I loved it, Laleh, but I told her I didn't know what to say
though I wanted to talk to her so bad, she was smiling
and asked "What songs you like?"
Oh, there were a little times and I was out of my mind so I only
said I liked "Some Die Young" and "Bara Få Va Mig Själv"
But I wish she knew I liked all songs, I wish I could tell her again

then she asked if I'm cold, yes it was cold, my feet were very very cold.
Gustaf told me that it's a hockey stadium, there're an ice below (or something)
and yes it was cold! very very cold, 
then Laleh asked if I want water, I didn't know, I was starstruck
but she grabbed one bottle of water and gave it to me, 
Thank you, I said. How can she be so nice like this? I love her so 

Then we were walking out from the arena, we had to say good bye at last
because she was going back to the hotel (I guess) 
Gustaf said something nice to me and Laleh gave me a bigger hug, 
I didn't know how but I said "I love you" 
without knowing that I was gonna say something like that
but of course, Laleh replied with "I love you too" to me, 
I smiled 

we said goodbye and I really wish it's not the last time, 
I know I'm going to see this amazing woman again one day,
some day, somewhere, but probably here, in Sweden.. 

Laleh, I wish you know how amazing you are, 
maybe you already knew it but I just want to remind you again, 
and all the things I wrote in the book, all pictures I drew there
are to remind you again and again and I hope you love them too..

My Kristaller for Laleh

Laleh's Kristaller 

Everything was so magical, 
I wish I could remember it for a long long time, 
And I will tell her stories to the children, if I have some...

ja, jag var där
hur underbart var det

My artwork inspired from her in a concert
Laleh Kristallerturnen 

Some people are like stars, 
They're always shining... 

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