December 02, 2012

Fade into You - Mazzy Star

It was an unexpected day that Mira was expecting to see Nico again.
A strange feelings runs through her body, from head to toe,
She feels sad, happy and mad at the same time,
She doesn't even know why.

Nico looks the same, like the first day they met.
Mira remember every single thing about the first day,
It was the best day, ever.

And they had a talk, and talk
about things in life, what's going on?
the talk was good, but Mira doesn't know what to talk..
when all she thinks about is.....
she have missed her a lot, Nico

I still love you, no matter what
I don't know why, or maybe I'm just so lonely?
I don't know, Nico, but I really really missed you

Everything you do, every words you say, every move you make
are just, the same...
It reminds me of the things we had, the most beautiful thing ever..
Maybe I'm so young, I am still too young, but I know I'm young enough to say
that everything in the past was so beautiful, and I just can't forget it.
I know once I was such a bad girl, I was so mad when you say goodbye
and I pretend that I hate you, but Nico, I'm sorry..
I'm so sorry for what I've done, if it made you mad...
But all was just the past,
look at you, you're so kind, gentle and so warm.
Just like the same way yo used to be...

All I really wanted to say to you is
I still love you, Nico, no matter what and why.


We talked for a while, and you had to go,
do what you do, and I know we will not gonna see each other for a while
and I understand that, maybe
Maybe someday, something will bring us together again
If it should be... I don't know
Time flies and I have grown up, I have learned something about love,
about people
that sometimes love just not enough,
for somebody and for some reason. I'll keep that in mind.
But for me, I would give anything for love, and for the ones that I love.

Later, I met my friends and we had a lot of fun,
it was great, I was happy with them
But then when I had to drive back home
I started to cry... cry cry and cry,
I cried so hard
Never been crying this much since you're gone,
but now, I know...
I'm sorry, but I cried so hard
and I just had to drive on...

I miss you a lot , Nico


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