December 07, 2012

I used to write this for the lyrics
but maybe just can't work, written on 2011


The sun rises, the win is blowing
It's always like this, sometimes rain
I look out the window, too hot to go out.

Then I think about you, It's so cold over there
Always cold, there's no sun...
I miss those eyes and funny smile,
I really hope that you're ok

Baby why you live so far away
It just so hard to see you
and it's getting harder when I think about you 
All the time...

I hope the wind can hear me cry
and bring me your smile,
Maybe I have to pretend that you are near
Cause I can feel you in the air 
but I can never touch you

I really miss you..
I really miss you

Oh if you're listening, baby I want you to know
I will always wait for the day, the day we meet again
Cause I really miss you.

And you live so far away from me.

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