a life a day part 2

November 05, 2011

I took too much photos so I have to put it down here,
I love to see the things around me, the trees, rice field, dogs, cats
and everything.. it's so magical!

Especially when you're sitting in a car,
listening to your favorite music
and look outside the window
things i really love to see is a palm trees,
i loved it since i was like 10 years old
there's so many palm trees here and also at the beach.

someone made me think about them when i see those palm trees,
i once asked my dad : Daddy, can we have a palm trees in the back yard?
and then he said no, because it's too big.
Damn, i still wish to have a palm trees in my backyard you know.

i draw much more than i was

hello there, i'm a fighter!

eazy breezy


the road



"Truth Hurts ; Then Lie!"

รักคุณ and so much!


i miss you!

Siamese - Wye Oak

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