LALEH - Bara få va mig själv / Best Song of the Week

May 07, 2016

// Best Song of the Week //
by mayajett!

So I've been a little busy with life but not so busy with discovering music 
and this one is what stucks in my head & heart all day and night since it's been out 

"Bara få va mig själv" (just be myself) is the name of the amazing latest song from Laleh - 
a well known and successful artist from Sweden that I have been heard of her name
like a few times when I was in Sweden, I listened to some of her songs 
and now I became her fan, gonna buy a ticket to her concert too!

Take a look at her video, it's pretty bad-ass and loving, powerful at the same time.
Even though I don't really understand the 'real' message she wants to say,
I believe it is something with the rights and about fighting or standing up for yourself,
correct me if I'm wrong, but I've asked one of my Swedish friends about this already 
(she hasn't replied yet) The song itself has an English subtitle but you know 
I just wanna know what all things mean, it's just amazing.

I think Laleh is kind of down-to-earth and has a beautiful soul inside, 
I don't really know her but from the songs I have been listening to 
I could say she is beautiful from inside to outside, 

and so I did her drawing a few days ago. I just bought a new drawing (mouse) pen
and it turned out to be like this - inspired from the video
it took me an hour to finished it

follow my drawing page :

AND this surprised me!!!

Ah, I'll just be myself
never stop and keep doing things I love

Love you Laleh!

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