Don't Stop, don't you ever stop

April 28, 2016


So I haven't updated for quite a while and I don't really have a fine time to write a 'long'
story about my Europe trip I haven't finished here, lol but my life has been great lately.
One big wild thing I just want to announce that I am going to Sweden again, and I have
purchased a plane tickets already, kiddo! Will see you again. I'll tell you when.

Always get excited to know I'll be there again, I have a strong feelings for Sweden,
sounds a bit weird? why? but I just love it. Also Stockholm is the only city I remember
most things and routes from where to where, it just happens to me idk why.

And other than that I think I might be going to Tallinn, Estonia. My dream destination,
so bad I'll only have just a week so I can't manage to visit more countries, I wish someday
soon, yes next year. Always travel while you can and never stop doing what you love..

Ok, don't know what to write anymore,

P.s. if you want to travel with me, can you please try to contact me? It would be awesome,
it doesn't matter who you are, just try


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