Veronica Maggio - Vi mot världen / Best Song of the Week

May 17, 2016

and please don't mind my editing

// Best Song of the Week //
by mayajett!

So, it’s not my first time listening to Veronica Maggio’s song but it’s quite new for this hot single I have heard from RIX FM (a Swedish radio) that I always listen to while I’m at work, kinda bored of my playlists on my phone so yeah. It was a bit hard to try to remember some Swedish words form the song just to look on Google, wanted to know who was the artist. Then I realised it’s Veronica, yeah, very cool, and then I found her video on YouTube, here it goes

Veronica is quite awesome and I love this video with so many reasons, 
one is I love how she has her ‘fucking bored’ face while she’s singing though I don’t 
really know the translate of this song and have no idea why she has her bored face 
like that lol. But she’s cool in every way, the way she dances on the street in Stockholm,
the way people look and wonder what she does, and the way she sings, I love the lyrics
even if I don’t know the translation, it’s beautiful anyway.

I don’t know what to say anymore but I made a little drawing which inspired 
by the music video, look!

follow my drawing page :

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