Why Do Your Thai Friends Have to Update Their FaceBook Every Damn 5 Minutes?

January 18, 2016

Why Do Your Thai Friends Have to Update Their FaceBook Every Damn 5 Minutes?

Have you ever wonder why do (almost) all your Thai friends on Facebook
have to update their statuses, photos, locations every damn minutes?

And have you even thought that they are way too annoying or sometimes
they make you feel like want to 'unfollow' their posts on the news feed?


here's the reason why you should know
even if you don't have to care

1. Our Everyday's Life Has to be Told (On FB)

Hard to say why, but since I have been traveling around the world I have seen most of
my farang friends (foreigner friends) are hardly update their FB, 
even when they go to a very special or an interesting events,
skiing, mountain climbing, visiting some awesome museums, 
go to the mall, take a shit, eat, drink, or even go to the clubs
yeah.. they hardly update their life on FB, maybe because of their friends
on FB are the same, so no one need to tell things on there, 
but still they are also addicted to FB just like us (Thai) they just 
want to see the news there, but not as serious as us, I think
it's about the difference between cultures, cities, life routine, 
I don't really know how to explain best, but we, Thai people
we really need to tell the world what we are doing and where we are going
maybe just because we want some attention, maybe because
everybody's doing it, why don't you? that's it 

2. We Love to Have Some Likes, More Likes, More Fame

Who doesn't like likes? LOL we are very serious about this shit 
yeah, really. Sometimes when we posted something but no one 
seems to give a damn, no likes or fewer than 7 likes, we put them off..
hmm.. it's getting serious though

(some even thinks they are so famous when they got like 100+ likes or more)

3. We Love Attentions

Love it when you care, we posted, you liked, you commented,
awwww, I got a lot of friends, I love it, FB always make me happier 
when I'm home alone, oh, thank god


4. We Use FB for Work, Seriously

It's hard to stay off FB when you are working with some company,
I've never seen the companies that doesn't use FB for work, for some parts,
like the chat group (mostly in Line app) for the business group pages,
for sending some files, I know it's stupid because you also have an Email,
but why not FB? no one doesn't own FB these days

(I used to wanted to stop using FB for a while because of some bitch,
but I can never do that since I have to communicate with some people
I work with... ugh!)

5. We Have to See How Our Friends Are Doing These Days

Since we got a job, we barely hang out with our school friends anymore,
or it depends on your life routine, but for me, and some or most people
are hard to meet them everyday or even every month, so FB can let us
see how things going with them, oh, Natty has changed her bf again,
Beth has just broke up with her bf, Judy's dad just passed away, 
Kiki is at Siam Square now, Frida is pooping and reading some interesting book,
Joanna is drinking a german beer with her friends at the famous bar,
etc... we need to know that

6. We're Just Addicted, Facebook is Life

you can't say no




oh no.. I want more likes, dammit

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