Lost and Found, What Makes Life?

February 06, 2016

Me in Molkom, Sweden (last Summer)

Lost and Found, What Makes Life?

I feel like I want to update my blog but not sure what to write,
I've got a lot of interesting and shitty things to tell the world
but maybe I should talk about life sometimes?

You may not know me, or maybe just a bit, from what I've wrote 
I have been traveling, meeting some people, learned and lost something
and still I can't figure out what to do in life... if not traveling...

I know we have to work, have one settled job, one that gives you money for a living, 
think about the future, but I still don't really know what I want the most
I only know someday I will ended up living in a small cozy house
next to the woods, where the weather feels like Summer in Sweden
yeah I'm a dreamer, and I love so many things. I know what I love, what I'm good at
but sometimes I think I'm not where I belong, I can't think about staying in same place 
for a long time. I feel like I always want to move and move and going places


why do I feel like that?
I also thinking about moving and living abroad somewhere in the world, soon
but it's not as easy as it seem, I'm not that rich bitch who has a family supports for 
everything they want, no, I don't need that. And my family is the best ;)
I do what I want and I fight for what I want, if I don't get it, I'll try again
but sometimes money is the thing that matters, but for now I'm quite confused
between study or work, study master is the only way to stay 'there' for a while
but I won't get any money from studying, though I can also work in a free time
BUT... I want to work, not working in a restaurants or massage thing- you know right?
I want to make a good book, very awesome books of my own, for kids, for people
for cool people, I want to do something and use my skills, 

but WHERE the fuck is that place that I belong???

lol I don't even know...
I so have no idea right now, I only know I want to travel again but it's just not like that
If I go travel far for a while again I would get so many experiences and a wonderful friends again
but what after when I come back? nothing again, nothing, just bored with life again
this is so shitty and I sound like I'm not fighting hard enough, right?
lol why do I even write about this, it's so personal, but whatever

I know what I love to do, and I know what I'm good at,
but where is the place I belong?
if you know the answer you should tell me, email me, or comment below, whatever
you know I'm awesome and you cannot find any other like me,

I'm so hungry,
the end for now

lol!!!! wtf



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