The Repeats of "I Miss You"

January 10, 2016

Speaking of the "I Miss You" state, 

it seems to repeat a lot these days, after we're apart. You're so faraway
even though I know this love still can remain somehow, some day and somewhere faraway
you're just living there and I'm still here. I try to find a ways to get there,
to live there, to do something in life, it's not only because of YOU, no, I'm not a girl like that

but I could be somehow... 

I know we don't talk much we just do our own things, focusing on our lives,
you work hard, I do my things, travel, whatever, and still, you're on my mind
sometimes I think about someone else, someone I felt in love with, someone who's not you
it's just so normal because I know you do it too. You may have somebody else by your side
maybe she's living in your apartment now, I don't know, but one thing I know is when we meet again
we will kiss so hard just like we always do. I miss you.

I miss you some nights when I listen to some lonely songs,
even some songs that you played when I was with you. It reminds me a lot of that day
one afternoon, me and you, in your loving city, I love your city so much
I also dreamed of you just last night, I wrote your name on something, it sure your name, my dear
I miss you and I hope you think of me too, even I'm not posting shits on Facebook
I know you'll think of me too

Photo from the music video called 'Another Story' by The Head and the Heart

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