Memory is cruel

November 20, 2013

Hello, I think it's time to write something 
because lately there's a lot of things appeared in my mind
but I just can't seem to have places to write it down and sometimes I lost it
well there's nothing much but as I grow up, 
I realized something in life, more than ever
understanding and accepting something that happened.

sometimes I just don't understand why when we grow up
or when time passed by and people changed,
ok i know we change everyday, nothing can still the same forever
but sometimes i have no idea why i have to
'remember' something when now is changed?
it's not because i don't want to remember
but sometimes memories are nothing when everything's changed

ok, i know some good memories are really nice 
and makes our lives happier when thinking about it
but if its completely different now, why should i think about those things
that never happen again?

this sounds stupid, i know i am
but last night i thought about someone that loved me once
and really much, but i didn't love him,
it was nice to feel the love from him,
and now he's got a new girl, he's completely forget how he felt for me
(oh right he should) and we're like strangers now
i didnt even try to talk or ask him, i just let him walk away from my life 
(its sad that once he's like my best friend, but he wanted to be more,
and i couldnt give it to him)
i liked the memories i had with him
though it was like a friendzoned to him, 
but i think it's useless to keep the memories when now is different
i don't understand, i'm not sad but i don't know why 

will you be disappointed if you read this? no? 
(but no you wouldnt read my blog anymore)
you know me well, i can't erase those memories anyway
i always wanted to tell how i liked you, even though its not like that
but oh, it's too late now
and i dont want to tell you straight, thats not my way

one year has passed by,
it's so fast

at least we can still be friends
but i cant call you anymore when i'm im trouble
no no no

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