November 22, 2013

Everything is Infinite

I have been thinking about traveling lately, though I have been traveling a lot this year
but that wasn't enough, I have been visiting around South East Asian countries and in Thailand
but that wasn't enough, and wasn't interesting enough,

I knew I had to plan for the next big thing
it's about time to go to somewhere far far away, more further 
and I think I can no longer wait anymore
(well, it…..depends on my money……and time….)

I am planning the trip to Europe, next year (if possible) 
or the early of 2015, if I can make it,
it's not that easy but I believe that I will make it 
If only I have wings 
I could fly away from here and travel the world 
but that's everyone wish and no one can have wings,
maybe I'll be a bird in the next life.. 


I remember when a little bird fell from his nest
and I rescued him, his mother was so worried and kept tweeting at me
each time I get close to her baby, but he needs help
and I learned how mommy bird does to his baby
it was really beautiful to see that nature is around you
everywhere and if only you stop and pay attention
you'll see so many beautiful things
I was so happy to see him grow up from the day i found him 
on the ground, and when he learned how to fly he will fly away
and thats when i recognise his pretty voice 'tweet tweet'

everytime i hear that voice,
i know its him

(oh but i haven't heard that sound since a months ago
but thats ok, birds have to fly away sometimes)

Today's nice music
[ Clone - Metric ]

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