July 27, 2013

Sometimes at night, when all things are calm
I think about something, maybe sometimes when I wanted to write
I think about things in the past, that I thought I already forgot
but I didn't 
Who knows sometimes you think of someone in the past
that they're now a strangers for you, and you ask yourself
I don't know, I will never know why
I also remember every single things, every stupid shit you've said and done,
I mean, somebody, and somebody else...
I get a little heart attack and a weird butterflies when those memories
came to my mind, why? yeah I still ask myself why
It doesn't mean I want everything back, I don't 
because everything is changed and weird and I don't know
I don't even know where are they now, what they do 
and I don't think I'm going to see them EVER again in my life
and it's weird that they're still on my mind and I will never forget them
There must be something about it that made you done that to me
that night, right? but you never tell me why 
and in the next day you turned to be a stranger, holy shit wtf?
sometimes something will never give you a reason why it has to be 
this way, that way, you just have to accept it 
with your broken hearts, 
and some people can make you hate them, 
and love them at the same time
that I don't know why it happened to me, to you
and to everyone we know....

perfect strangers,

 I watch you from your roof top at night
under the million stars,
the moon is shining 
you're dreaming
of me

Even If I Don't - Rachael Yamagata 

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