Loving Annabelle Trailer

July 30, 2013

Loving Annabelle is one of the most favourite movie ever in my life
I really love the way Annabelle is being herself and doesn't care about the others,
I mean she just do what she wants, love who she loves,
she is the tough one and strongest, I like her a lot
I used to watch this movie every nights when I was like a freshman,
watch it over and over again and never get bored
the movie gives me a strange feeling, but it's so good..
I feel lonely like Annabelle, the need of love and understand how she feels
I really do understand the feeling of love that people say "I can't"
A lot of emotional scenes and Erin Kelly played really good as Annabelle
I fell in love with her each time I watch this movie.

I really love the feeling of loneliness when loving someone
and it's sad and also excited at the same time, love is weird haha

But this movie, Loving Annabelle still the best of all time


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