Never Grow Up

January 14, 2012

Happy Children's Day!!!!
I hope we are always have a young heart inside!
don't afraid to do something you love,
TRY if your blood still young!

Me and my friends were working a lot for the projects and also for
a Children's day today! So tired, so fun and so... uhm, still a good day so far

Some of our works...

Wild Child!

And these are my drawings my dad found in my house,
I was like... 6 or 7 years old
I really love them.. you can see my old works are not so different
from my works now, right? Like a rabbits, a cat and all animals,

Memories are the precious we all had and permanent on our hearts,
keep remembering good things and make tomorrow cuter that it was :)

We will never grow up
while our hearts still young....

I love my life

Silver Sorrow - Azure Ray

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