sha la la la la la..

December 28, 2011

You've been on your own as long as I recall:
if loneliness was art, I could hang you from the wall
in some Berlin hall.
It doesn't matter where you've been or who you have been with,
it's like the just Joans said: 'you're oh so sensitive!',

in that jumper,
in that t-shirt.
This situation has to change:
can you feel the pulse
my heavy heart race?

some day I'm gonna be your girl,
one fine day:
I'm gonna be your girl.....

When I'm all alone I find a map of the world
zoom in on your island 'til the pixels form
have some booze
'til I can't see you.
This situation has to change
can you feel the pulse
my heavy heart race?
Some day, I'm gonna be your girl..

One fine day,
you're gonna make me your girl.

We make believe that our hearts are never shot
and somehow you've convinced me that I'm pretty
when I'm not.
Everybody I know wants to be your friend
but I just want to hold you when the music ends,
that's all, all I ask.
Is that too crass?

If Loneliness Was Art - Allo Darlin'

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