December 23, 2011

A conversation between me and my dad today.

M : papa, does alien exists?
D : Buddha said, there's a xx universe in a space and each universe has xx galaxies, and each galaxies has a living things..
M : so that means alien is real right?
D : yep, and Buddha also said some people in some planets has a 500 years old or more than that
M : really?! What the hell they do for a 500 years then?
D : I dunno..
M : and is there gonna be the next Buddha?
D : yes, in a 50,000 (or more) years..
M : oh, that is so long..
D : and in that time, human will have 10,00 years old

I don't know if it's real or not because those things has no one to proof. But Buddha have said once, I believe it.
It's weird right? Yeah I love it.

And yeah!
Tonight I just finished my biggie gift
For the special one, maybe.
And I'm so tired... I always have a feeling after I finished a biggie thing that I wouldn't make any better than this anymore. But then, the idea comes to my mind and I have to do it a big thing again, my heart is so cruel.

And I also have a biggie crush on Florence Welch. Dammit, she's so amazing! I can't find any words to describe how amazing she is. She's just. Amazing!

P.s. I miss my tiger I wanna hug him now

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