December 27, 2011

"you talk way too much i'm so annoyed"
but when you stops talking
"why don't you talk to me? what's wrong?"
oh but don't talk too much

i want to go somewhere cold and beautiful
i want to watch a sun rise in the morning (if i woke up early which is so hard to do)
i want to count a million stars on the sky and make a wish on a falling stars
i want to wake up and see some surprise
i want to go adventure in the jungle
i want to go to the sea and get wasted with friends
i want to watch a 10000 fireworks like last year
i want to write some song about something beautiful
i want to get a lot of money and go anywhere i want to go
i want to have a kitty and will hug him every night in my bed
i want to love someone with all my heart and to be loved with a big heart
i want to meet someone i really wanna meet
i want to eat sushi right now
i want to buy a new guitar but it's sold out WTF
i want to be a bird and fly fly away
i want to be a witch
i want to be a knight, i wanna fight
i want to speak japanese
i want to talk to Katy and LOL!
i want toooooooooooo stop this shit
i'm so hungry, i don't know why i blog this

oh ps.
i don't want to get old
because my blood is always young

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