Wasted Away

September 26, 2011

while sitting in the car with my friend who's driving
we talk about something that called 'LOVE'
(i don't really know what does it mean)
but the conversation goes like..

M : why don't i love anyone who loves me?
if i love some of them it'd be a great love, maybe?
D : would it? but they're just not your type?

And then I think to myself..
fuck it, why don't everyone i fall in love with, love me back?
will it repeats like this forever?

i love you, you don't love me
he loves me, i love someone else,
and someone else doesn't love me
you know i love you,
but why won't you love me?

and he keeps asking me, why don't i love him?

so when you think you're in love,
do you really know what you have to do with it?

Wasted Away - Dum Dum Girls

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