Too cool, caught up in your ego...

March 08, 2016

Ego is one of my most favorite songs from the album Kiddo by Tove Styrke - she's also
one of the best artists in my life and why this song? because the meaning speaks it all,

Ego is the song written about the type of person, somebody that means much 
to you (could be anyone and any type of relationships) it's the feeling of somebody 
who's losing him/herself to his/her ego. Like this person is slowly drifting away, 
losing touch with them and there's nothing much you can do about this... 
(from this loving interview :

And that's what I see from a few people I met recently, they have something or something 
about them makes me feel like they are untouchable, I cannot reach even if him/her is 
standing in front of me. I started to ask myself if this person is untouchable or I don't want 
to touch them? well it depends, and people are different. The latest girl I met she is 
something like never gonna reveal herself to me at all, no matter how I tried to speak, 
or let her speak. I tried to understand people as much as I can but sometimes all I can 
do is just building up walls around them, myself and that's when they can't even open 
up themselves to me who looks completely untouchable too. It's not that I fear to 
open up my heart, I always do that and I feel easily secured with random people 
that's how different. 

I have learned that there are a few types of people who are so 'untouchable' and 
they already make you feel like they're running away from you even if you haven't 
tried to move yourself just yet and the problem is, I always want to have them when 
it doesn't worth my time at all.

Don't overthink, telling myself every time, and in the end when I look back to myself,
I have just realised that even me, sometimes I am so untouchable too,

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