Amphawa Floating Market, Samut Songkram

August 27, 2013

Hi there! so I think I should post something that's not a music
and here are the pictures from a few weeks ago when I was at Amphawa, Samut Songkram
It's a small city near Bangkok, there's a floating market and so many good things to explore
me and my friend was staying at the homestay house next to the river, 
it was quiet, calm and peaceful... really want you to come!

walk walk walk

so this is the view of one of the houses at the home stay

this one we stayed here

baby boo so dirty 



my bodyguard

another beautiful thai house 

(not my) uncle 

som-o / pomelo my mom's friend grew it and has a farm

these little cute white flowers

the river, I used to jump into and swim!
it's not really dirty as it looks, its pretty cool
and there's a little boat if you want to try

coconut is my favorite!

yes i'm a princess!!

the favorite view for visitor

one of the houses

weird fruit

floating market


dog loves you!

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