June 29, 2013

So i was driving back home from hanging out with my colleagues and friends. They were good and we had fun. I listened to the "Dum Dum Girls" the "Only in Dreams" album and i was like... Oh my god! This is my top of favorite album ever! I mean i really like it and i remember stucking in the traffic and listening to it in repeat........ I was like holy shit i really want to see them live someday in New York or whatever and i really want to meet Dee Dee and have a talk with her just like i did to Cassie Ramone. Damn i should sleep now because i have to wake up early tomorrow. It's almost 3  now what the hell... And why am i telling you this??? I'm listening to Cat power in a shuffle mode. I like her very much i want to be her girl....... Hahahaahahha craaaaazy 。・°°・(>_<)・°°・。i love you 

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