The Letter

May 22, 2013

Writing a letters to someone is my favorite way to reach their hearts,

I mean..
I am the kind of person that really loves to write, write anything, and i do really love writing a letters, to send and to receive. Its so wonderful and a pretty way to communicate. 

These days we grow up with the technology that changes so fast, people dont seem to care about the letters anymore, or maybe only for the business, i have no idea but everytime i go to the post office with my cutie letters or a package with some kiddy stickers or drawing, people look at me and they may think, oh this girl.. Still write a letter? Haha i dont know but i think people care less about it these days. 

Maybe because we have Facebook, Twitter or Instagram (or a blog, etc...)
That means we can tell what we wanna tell in a minute, in a seconds, if i wanted to tell you 'hey today i met a pink elephant with a hat on it' so i just post it. So fast! But if i send someone a letter it takes a month or few weeks for them, feels like i am Daenarys waiting for a pigeon, or crow... Something like that haha. 

But its so much different, i think we can say whatever we want, just in a blink of an eye, the post will show. But if i write a letter, they will see it, touch it, and feel it, i'm pretty sure they can feel something from the handwriting, the moods and tones. And yeah, they can keep it for a long time and maybe someday when they got old they will think of me...

I do really love to write a letters, i do have two penpals from America and they are really awesome, i do send a package and letters to them and the people i 'love' i do love sending postcard from everywhere i go, and also a collector too, 

You know how it feels to check the mailbox when you get home and yay! You've got a mail! 

I also feel upset sometimes when i tell something in a letter and they haven't got it yet, but the thing i told them already passed by, shit, why so slow?! I do wanna be a pigeon sometimes, i would fly to them and give them what i want to give. 

Oh pigeon come on...
How long must i wait for you?!

P.s. I hope A. will get my package so soon! Its the thing i'm worry about since the first of may! :) luv chu 

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