Graduation Girls

May 19, 2013

G R A D U A T I O N !!!

it was such a great days,
we had a 3 days rehearsal.. (we have to have a rehearsal because 
we get a degree from our King's daughter, how cool is it?)
It was so tired but memorable,
every moment we shared together is so priceless,
and we will be friends forever
here are some photos I took on the 1st day rehearsal ;)




I have to stick with my phone all day because my friends will call
and it was so so so hard to call everyone because of the network problem
and it happens for every grads day lolz

my friends from high school, known them for over 10 years now

here is my super awesome friend (and special one)
she made me this! 

So happy! more pictures soon! 

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