My favorite place

January 12, 2013

Well, its been quite a while i havent updated anything here. Even i still have no idea if theres someone who reads this, i know theres someone but not sure if they're still but ok, i'll just do.

I kinda have a new job now. Its pretty hard when things changes in a lifetime but i know i gotta make it better, i dont know, maybe, i dont even Know if i like it or not but i just feel like this is the new chapter of my life, i gotta live and get along with it..

I still making music with my friends and the good news is i will be on a tv show next sumday, If you live in thailand i'll let you know when and what channel. Its a very good start for us- me and my band, though we are still new and not that pro, we just love what we do. I cant explain how i feel when i play my very own song- the song i wrote, i played it on tv omg! Want you guys to see

And also, i was a little bit sad since i started a new job because i really really miss my friends. I used to go out almost everyday every night and stick around the place i love the most, pra artit road where my good friends are at and there is no such better place than this, so i kinda sad when i started work because its tough to sleep early and get up at,like 5:30 yeah, WTF... I cant explain

And i just cant go out to see my friends like i used to do... I just... Need to wait for friday...But when it comes to friday i will get so tired, so i only have saturday and sunday.. Oh god, just saturday i just realized. Fuck!!!! What the fuck!!!!

Yeah i know i'm just 23 or maybe this is old enough to be more mature? I know i am at the middle of something i dont really understand, new things happen each day and i Feel growing up day by day, i just cant wait for the day i'll feel like, man i am old enough, i know a lot of things, dont Judge me whatever bla blah....

I really miss my friends now... Sigh!!!!!

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