Miss you.

July 31, 2012

Sometimes when I'm not with you
I feel so fine, really fine
I'll never know how much I need you
how much I've missed you,
until we meet again.
Darling, you are always in my heart,
no matter what 
or who I've been with,
you are always in my heart,
Always and always...
Because I love you, always 
and I know that you love me too,
Though you'll never say. 
I'm so glad we meet again,
I missed you so much and when I think about 
those things we have done, Not so much
But it was my best memories with you,
and I will never forget it.
I love you so much, always,
I really love you
and love the feeling you gave me, 
I know we will never be together,
but we will forever be a good friends,
for each other,
and I love you,
I love you, 


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