Birthday girl

August 03, 2012

Well it was my birthday on the 1st August and I was so happy,
had to celebrate between 2 places with my colleagues and friends
quite fun and super awesome! i love everyone

but i only take pics with my friends after the 1st party, 
and here is it...

had a first show on my bd
haha it was not an official show, but i just wanted to play :)
i played 'bed room eyes' by dum dum girls and 'up all night' by best coast
such a shame no one knows them, but i don't care
i just wanna play

here is my sweetest redhead girl, her name is Blue! 

my beloved woman ...she should know how much i love her!!!!
her bar is my fucking favorite place i ever been in my life 
she's kinda woman that i cannot explain
she's crazy and adoring at the same time !

watching, olympic guys are SO HOTTT

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