"Bloomington" trailer

June 04, 2012

So I just watched this and all I can say is this is THE BEST movie I ever seen in my life!
I don't know why, but there's something about the two girls being so in love with each other
and it's so beautiful, it somehow reminds me of my past love and I really miss those times,

So gentle, so sweet.. it couldn't be happier than this, I know how it feels like,
I really know how it feels like to be so in love like this,
This movie is really really beautiful.. I don't know what to say anymore,

And also, the girl, Jackie who's a student really reminds me of myself when I was so in love
Reminds me of the love I had and reminds everything I ever was when I am in love..
It's so beautiful
that I was a student, and I was in love with a woman who's a teacher (but she's not my teacher),
just like in the movie.
She was so sweet, everything she does is so beautiful, she loves me perfectly..
she's so gentle, she treats me like I'm her little girl, her little precious.. oh no

How can I feel like that again?
People are around me but I don't feel like I want to love them like I ever loved her
I guess there's someone out there, why you take it so long, honey?
I'm here can't you see?

I really love you.
And I will never let you go...

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