May 28, 2012

Just another conversation between Natt and Suse'

N : I sometimes think it's maybe better to not know her at all
S : Why?
N : So I wouldn't be happy, sad or worry about all the things about her...if she knew this she would be so sad
S : I don't know, but if you didn't know her, your life maybe worse than this, who knows?
N : You mean this is meant to be? It has to be like this anyway?
S : I do believe there's a reason why you keep loving her so much like this, all you have to do
is believe in what you do or who you love, heaven always give us the best thing
N : Do you think she really important to my life? Or she's just someone that I'm wasting my time loving her
or just a stupid thing I do, like someone who doesn't understand what I'm doing...
S : I can't tell, it's your choice.. but one thing I know is we always get something back from what we give,
I don't think you're wasting time loving someone , believe me there will be something comes back to you

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