Just miss those times

May 22, 2012

I never thought I'd say this in my life
"I miss my student life and i need it back now!!!!!"
somehow, life after graduate is free as a bird
but you know you'll always miss what you've had :)

-first playing guitar !

-the very first day !

-when we were a freshman, we all know each other, every majors, every faculties, 
we know ALL the people that exist in the campus (see how friendly we are?)

-in class, boooooooooring !

- i  had a bieber hair or something and i changed my hairstyle every week 

-some sweet girl (oh yes girl! - i'm not sayin i'm gay though, i was studied in 
girls high school for 12 years and i think it's ok and girls and guys are fine with me, 
they're all good i don't mind any gender just people ) 
She gave me this box on my 19th birthday at my dorm
and i was like, omg! you made this for me?! omg!!!!
she knows everything about me, stalking every moves i make
and i didn't even notice ! 
she made the teddy bear, wrote something and also prints my photos 
and put it in the notebook, oh yes she also draw for me what an amazing person !
but i was like, like someone else so i had to tell her we should be friends, 
so many sad and happy love stories at the freshman year! 
(such-a-looooooooooooooong stories dammit, i somehow think 
i wanna write a book about it it was so funny)
man! i wish i could go back in time

i miss you guys ! miss you a lot
even though we still talk and meet, you know the memories are the best !
i never thought i'd say this in my life, ever.. that i miss those times a lot
when we were so young, 4 years passed , time flies so fast
now we're (kinda) old and we still have to moveeee onnnnn 

love you my friends

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