Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam Part 1

October 10, 2013

Well I went to Vietnam, Ho Chi Minh city a few days ago
It was 3 day there and I liked it, though I didn't like Ho Chi Minh much,
I like the people, especially the cute and nice girls there 
but sad that most of Viet people don't speak english,
only people at the shops and hotels or some service office that can speak english

The city is a bit noisy because they honk all the time,not like in Bangkok
and the traffic is quite bad, too much motorcycle and so dangerous 
when crossing the street... how did i survived??? haha

I though the city would be like more nature but that's because I didnt know 
so maybe next time i go to Vietnam I'll probably visit Sapa or somewhere else 

It's funny that most Vietnamese always say something to me like
'you are so beautiful!' or tell my mom that 'you have a beautiful daughter'
that's so nice of them to say, haha! maybe i'll be a rising star there?
(oh well i'm just kidding) and actually the guys are so cute,
they are cute and nice and i liked some of them at my hotel and restaurant
and i also liked one girl from the tourist office.. she's very pretty 
I wish i could talk to her more and be friend with her :(

Although it just a 3 days and so short to explore things there, 
I think it wasnt the last time and i will go back if i could, someday

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