how long

April 20, 2013

How long?

Well I think I'm pretty busy these days, 
busy from what? for doing nothing? hahaa... 
since I've become a salary girl (should I call this?)
I find that I have no time for doing the things I love
and no matter how much I ave it, it's not enough

I wake up at 6, 6:30 or 7 and go to work at 9 
and then work until 5 pm and going back home 7 or 8 pm
and I have just 4 hours left for doing my stuff,
housework, whatever
but most things I wanna do is
Drawing, play guitar, write some shitty songs, painting,
searching for inspiration, studying, read some books I haven't finished
and blah blah.....
I always like OMG what should I do first?
and I have not enough time, even on a weekend
I don't know why and how to manage things better than this
I even hang out less with friends at night and stay at home

Sometimes life is like 'where am i?' 
and what should i do next? 
oh, i don't really know just do what i want
i need more timeeee

and also time to sleep

♫ ♬ Prière - Carla Bruni ♫ ♬

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