March 03, 2013

It's been a while I haven't updated anything more than just music here
because I have been pretty busy with my new job and it sucks! I think I will leave soon
everything sucks right now, I just don't know what to think or to do anymore..
just let it happen 

my one and only bandmate just left me with a kind of stupid reason he has been thinking lately
is that he think it doesnt work together, I always busy but he always wanted to 
make everything while I just cannot, I told him always that I always got a lot of things
to do but he's kinda.. whatever. Ok I understand if he wants to leave but WTF
with all of the things we have dreamed together? you asshole you can still work with me
while you're doing your own music, what is it you're gonna leave me how stupid it is?
just whatever.. I know and I accept that I have been busy and don't have any updates 
about my songs, my new songs I have always told everyone, still in the progress
so now, it's just me, only me and I will find my own way. fuck it

And also, love sucks.. I kinda still in love with the one I fell in love since last year
she's kinda cruel that she hates that I love her this way
but I try to understand her and every words she said to me,
she has a good heart but she just never wanted to be kind and gentle 
(especially to me when I love her) I love her and will always love, as a friend or whatever
I hate her and love her equally, something has changed but I think things will be
fine soon because there's nothing wrong with us anymore, just whatever
I just keep on hoping that someday (soon) I will find  the right one to love, shit!
I have been lonely for so long.. kinda bored you know?

hope I will find the better things in life soon

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