THE BIG WILD : "Tove Styrke" Swedish Pop Star

March 30, 2016


>Entering a fangirl mode<

OK, I admit that I am a (kind of) big fan of her, but I’ll never tell her, if I saw her on the street in Stockholm I’d hit up on her, pretend not to be too excited like a crazy fangirl type, just, “Hey! do you know which way to go to the coffee shop?” (oh what a stupid question), or ask for some random tourist information, and then I’ll think about what to do next… LOL no, ok, let’s talk about her. 

I first heard Tove Styrke from my Swedish friend who sent me a link of a ‘Borderline’ music video. Then I was like, OMG the music is very catchy, fucking cool and everything is just.. so fine. I find myself later that I was so addicted to that song and playing it in repeat day by day until the day I tried to discover more songs of her- Boom! become a big fan already. Her music is very fun and soooooo good, I don’t know how to use words to describe how much I am into her style and music, it’s just, very very awesome and she is very talented. I could say that her songs are the songs that keeps me happy and alive. Like when you feel sad or depressed, listen to Tove Styrke, her music, her vibes makes you feel good. It’s playful, lively, cheerful and fun, just like her- I don’t really know her but she could be like her music, why not!

Yeah until then I went to Sweden last Summer, for a while and thought I was going to see one of her shows, in Ostersund. But unfortunately it was bad timing and I was in another city at that time, it will take a very long while to take a train there and costs too much just for one gig. Yes I could pay whatever for the music or an artists I love, but I guess it was a small show in the town I have never been, so I think maybe I’ll see her someday, somewhere in the world, maybe in Asia if that possible. But after all, I went straight to the CD shop when I arrived Stockholm on the first day, just for the KIDDO cd. I even asked for the poster but they said ‘NEJ’ (that’s fine)

I don’t want to be such a fangirl who writes about her favourite artists for such long so let’s say I’m here to tell you to listen to her latest song I’m very addicted to. It’s below

Tove looks like a playful kiddo in your school who obsessed with whatever she loves, surrounded by a random type of friends and even you can sometimes join her gang. Or sometimes you don’t wanna mess with her. I would love to meet her in the library while she’s searching for those weird monsters books. I wanna be friend with someone like her, it seems fun!

I love you ToveTove!

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