Love Me Badder - Elliphant (Live)

February 20, 2016

'You touch me right and you love me wrong'

Hey there, I didn't really have time to update my blog
but now when I do, I don't seem to know what to write about,
I wanted to write about one shitty love stories but I don't think it'll look good
because of my anger, it's about the worst part when you fell for someone who
lives so far away, and then they let you go because you're far
(well it happened after you flew off from their land) OK,
no one loves me badder than you,

always remember that people always want me,
you're too late now, if I go back to your city,
I'm gonna be with the new one,

cut me deep, sweet bleed, baby
I like it, bad love
hurt me more, if you can


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