My Secretly Regret Playlist : Kodaline - Love Will Set You Free

November 03, 2015

Well, just before you read all of this, please hit the play button and listen,

My Secretly Regret Playlist : this week goes to this soul-touching song,
I didn't mean to... but when I hear this line

"I’m sure you’re probably busy getting on with your new life
So far away from
So far away from"

I automatically think of her, which upsets me so much these days
I don't know what is up with her but she's probably having her new life over there
where she is, meeting tons of new awesome people and completely forgot about me,
this boring awesome girl who has nothing new with her life.

I don't have so much to write about her anymore but this post of the week has to do,
the song has just spoken it all

but love won't set me free anyway, it's a trap

Take care of yourself,
You a little freak

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