My Secretly Regret Playlist : Tennis - 100 Lovers

October 19, 2015

My Secretly Regret Playlist of the week goes to this catchy-playful sound of the band called Tennis with the name "100 Lovers" ooh... that hurts!

So, it's been a little hard time fell in love with someone who could be something
like a so-called-Queen, you know what I mean (and plus she lives like a fucking 5,000 miles away)
so it's just impossible since I felt it. Duh

And to be honest, I don't know her at all, not even a little things about her life,
but the feelings I have for her is stronger than the bricks on any walls (what?)
and just to let you know- I don't know if she's a kind of girl who has a 100 lovers,
but one thing I could say is, she can be compared to the prime minister of your country
who always go out all day all night visiting a random people, get to know, talk to them,
and make them fall in love with her, ABSOLUTELY, she's something like that


"One-hundred loves will make you bold
One-hundred more will make you cold
Oh, she was a heart-breaker"

OK, so I guess she's just a free spirit who won't stick around for too long, and I could say
that I never wanna be with someone who hangs out a lot, go out every nights and meet
too many people, I can't even stand seeing her kisses a random person in front of me,
it's just too hardcore for me to love someone like that. I'd rather be with the ones
who stay at home, watch movie and cook me some dinner, waiting for me to go to bed
together, ah, I've found one but it just cannot be true, I have a bad luck in love lately
(but lucky that I don't really care)

maybe she's just too lonely, or too vain, she thinks she is finding something, someone,
she's young, she's free, she's a growing queen, and she's dancing in my heart

sorry to say this, I know this time I'm a sucker, but I just hate myself waking up every morning thinking about why would she forget me like that? Yes, I do every morning, I regret it!

you're a little cruel

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