My Secretly Regret Playlist : Youth Lagoon - Afternoon

September 29, 2015

My Secretly Playlist of the week goes to this cozy/lazy/dreamy vibes song
"Afternoon" Youth Lagoon

and it makes me feel regret listening to it and I flashback...

How it makes me feel : I feel mixed with loneliness/sadness and warmness (is this the right word?)
at the same time, I first listened to this song from Deezer a few years ago and I fell in love with it, then I forgot it, and heard it again in one afternoon in Stockholm. It was a nice day that I went back to the town. I didn't know what was it and what was happened on that afternoon, it was weird, and felt like half-dreams to me.

And I could say that...

Someone can be so warm to you, but you will never know what's deep in their hearts, some say people cannot lie from their eyes, I looked deep inside her blue eyes, it was sweet, it was pain, it was love and it was like a dreams to me... and then it's all gone, things she once said was just a words, still, I'll never figure out what was on her mind. 

I need to get those things out of my head right now...

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