Blue is the Warmest Colour : A Heartbreaking Love story , หนังรักหัวใจสลาย

April 19, 2015

Tonight, I just finished watching Blue is the Warmest Colour
(couldn't finished last night because the movie was too long and I had
to sleep early, like 1 am something..) And could say that this movie is such a 
heartbreaking ones, I loved it, but it hurts to watch again, but I'm sure I will 

I'm not gonna talk much about the movie because the movie have been said itself,
and I'm sure you've watched once, or twice, or if never, try...
it's so real that hurts my heart and made me cried a bit when Adele and Emma 
meet each other again after they separated...

It also reminds me of my past love stories, the latest, the previous and the oldest 
love is such a fragile thing, I understand why Emma got bored and changed a bit 
and needs Adele to do something that she really wants to do (or what she likes)
I think people are changing all the time, and that's what you have
to understand, it's normal but when we love someone with all our hearts,
we will never want to see them change, even if it will 
in some good ways or bad, or even worse.

The past two months was like a weird changing to many people I know
everyone is breaking up and got a broken hearted, I don't know why it's just the same time
but it just happened, and love was changed in some ways 
 some people was married and they were a perfect couple,
everyone was jealous about them, one amazing woman and one awesome man
they loved each other, who knows it's gonna happen?
he's gone and now she's all alone with her breaking heart,
I don't believe in marriage, at some point it maybe important to someone's life
to be a family, or something 'complete' in life,
marriage is just a thing people expect, it doesn't matter to me 
maybe someday I'll change the way I think 
but I don't think I'm gonna have one...
I've seen so many people got married, divorced, nothing else,
just boring, love is fragile and it will change anyway.

But I do believe in something about love, if I fall in love with somebody,
that's when I do believe it's real, I don't care what will happen next, I just fall in love

I'm sorry I've changed from the one who you thought I was,
but life is moving on, I love you and I don't want t see you sad
I want my life to see something more than this, it's not because of you
but I just don't know how to explain it to you, it sounds selfish, 
but I think I've been made up my mind, I want to see you grow 
and someday you'll be stronger, cooler, I want to see the changing in your life, 
to see you do something you love, and happy for it.
someday you'll understand, and someday we'll be together again

Enough for love now, 
let's go to sleep and rest your heart...

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